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Today you will learn all about how the Purple Bow became the World wide SUPPORT symbol for ALL Cancers. We will take you, in the form of photos to the very place where the purple bow was born, from Hesperia to Malibu, California.
Purple Bows are utilized today at virtually every cancer fund raising event throughout the world. It is an awareness ribbon used to bring more attention and awareness to the disease of cancer. It is 2nd only to the yellow ribbon used for the United States soldiers in returning from  any war.  The purple bow represents care & support for ALL cancers for ALL people either wilth cancer or touched by this disease.

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The purple bow started on April 8, 1991 when the late actor Michael Landon was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Its been said over the years that just ONE person can impact the world. In this case it started with just two people, Janet Rodriguez & Tara Quenneville. Their ideas, hard work and dedication inspired the world and the purple bow is still used around the globe today to support anyone with cancer or anyone who has been touched by this disease.
The start of this support symbol was a major one. After it began, it opened the door to the implementation of virtually every color of ribbon existing today. Purple still remains the BEST choice because it was brought to life in hopes of bringing support to ALL people with ANY cancer. The pink ribbon for breast cancer came shortly after the Purple Bow and has amassed huge donations over the years. Many breakthroughs in breast cancer research have saved many lives but what about other cancers. Do they too get the needed attention to generate dollars for research?  The answer is NO.
Breast cancer receives the most dollars donated for research leaving research for many other cancers in the shadows. For example, Lymphoma ranks number 7 as far as donated research dollars when compared to breast and lung cancer. We can change that by visually showing our support for the many cancers that are not getting the attention that they deserve by using one that represents ALL.  I support Purple as my support symbol because it does not divide us as people and does not divide us by cancer type.  Recently kids are getting involved with the new "I Love Boobies" bracelet.  What a great way to get kids involved in fighting for a cure to all these cancers. Join these kids and let us all fight for cures TOGETHER.
Purple is for ALL cancers !
My own husband Carlos was diagnosed with Stage 3 Gastric Lymphoma just recently .He had a bone marrow transplant at the City of Hope . He will have another Scan in early February to determine if we have attained remission. It has been a difficult time for us but we are determined to fight this disease with everything we've got. 
2016 - Tests for this year - cancer FREE for the 7th year.
left: Janet Rodriguez, placing hundreds of Purple Bows at the Landon home in Malibu California.
Below: Left Janet Rodriguez & her sister-in-law Tara Quenneville at the gate of Michael Landon's residence adding purple bows to the property each week.
Cancer kills .....Sometimes. But in the unlikely city of Hesperia, a community rife with political controversy and strife there shines a ray of hope. That ray started with a flicker of an idea from Hesperia's own Janet Rodriguez who was inspired by actor Michael Landon's call for support and remedies when he publicly announced his cancer diagnosis 25 years ago on April 8, 1991.  Her idea was a symbol..... A purple bow to symbolize the purple heart awarded to courageous soldiers, because cancer patients are in a battle against this disease.  Then, once a week for 13 weeks Janet traveled to Landon's  Malibu home to encourage and support the actor by plastering his gate, trees and lampposts with 4000 yards of purple ribbon. Janet's purple bow of love, hope, courage and support slowly caught on throughout the country & the World. Then on the 1st anniversary of April 8, that single ray of hope emanating from  Hesperia became a dazzling beam of light as 47 states and 78 cities joined with Janet to officially declare that day Purple Bows for Cancer's Introduction Day thereby introducing the support symbol to the nation's cancer stricken citizens. 
This day also makes the purple bow our nation's national symbol of support for all of those with cancer...."ALL" cancers.  The idea at first was to support Landon.  Now the purpose of the bow is to communicate care & concern for those people throughout the world whose lives have been touched by cancer. The purple bow was first utilized by the American Camcer Society in Victorville California near where Janet lived. . The way it works, Janet explained, is cancer patients, their families and friends wear the purple bow from the time of diagnosis throughout treatment. The bow acts as a rooting on tool. "It can make a difference in morale and resilience by providing hope and reassurance" said President Bill Clinton. Bows, buttons bumperstickers etc are available by mail or  have your volunteers make up a batch.  Purple Bows for Cancer's mailing address is 7088 Topaz Ave Oak Hills, Calif. 92344  - (760) 949-9131  Message or order (760)244-5187 Fax  Email:
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Janet is a 1971 graduate of Baldwin Park High School in Baldwin Park, CA    
An acknowledgement for our continuing work in support of Cancer victims.
Hundreds ofProclamations were sent to Janet from Governors & Mayors throughout America & Puerto Rico.
The American Cancer Society at first thought it would be very time consuming to spread the Purple Bow idea world wide. But they did mention others in the past who "Spear Headed" great ideas. And so Janet & Tara commenced "Spear Heading". And what a GRAND job they did. They took an idea that was important to them and told everyone that would listen and 19 years later Purple is what you see at virtually every cancer fundraising event in this country and our world. We are proud of our work and the efforts that we took and we are sure it made alot of people very happy. We wish that the American Cancer Society would tell the true story of the Purple Bow as we think that by telling the real story, more people will be inspired to do more and GIVE more.
Below: Landon Home 1991-PBFC Crew from left: Cindy Templin,Judy Lopez,Becki Rodriguez, Janet Rodriguez, Iris Jacobsen & Tara Quenneville.
Below: A letter from the Cancer Care Inc Cancer Survivor Program.
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 Below: A letter to us from Michael Landon's daughter Cheryl.
Below: A page written about Purple Bows in a book written by Michael Landon's Daughter.
Below: Los Angeles City Mayor Gives his Support
Below: The "National Movement" Begins
Below: High Desert Support for Purple Bows
Above: Purple Bows again. This time on Blossom  TV Set for Bill Bixby.

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